Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 vs LG G6 Coca-Cola Test! Coca-Cola Proof?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Coca Cola Test vs iPhone 7 vs LG G6. They are water resistant no doubt but what about freezing cold coca cola? Will they survive the ultimate coca cola test Let’s Find out.

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Readers Comments (43)

  1. these phones are water resistant not cola resistant

  2. lol LG g5😂😂😂 first take name correctly

  3. He wastet coca cola

  4. can you do a freeze test???

  5. This is a complete waste of coke

  6. kids in Africa could of ate that bowl

  7. can u give one of it phone to me please

  8. i wanna drink coco cola

  9. give me the one phone bro what will you do with these all phones plzz zaryab bhaiya

  10. now what you gonna do with this cellphone??? ???

  11. u say it's the LG g5 but it's a 6

  12. Use an air spray…. to clear it off.. it'll fix itself. Works everytime

  13. why do you waste the mobile provide me the phone i will use it wisely

  14. quanto desperdício tem gente sem CELULAR E COISA PARA BEBER

  15. toi nghiep cai dien thoai😢

  16. 0:50 Galaxy S7? or Galaxy S8?

  17. S8 e LG G6 são os melhores

  18. Thinking to buy iphone 7 plus . Should I or not?

  19. po cara me dá um celular desse porfavo eu tô a três anos sem um eu tô escrevendo de celular do meu pai.

  20. تثمقتوس‘طوءعض

  21. U cheater iphone won Samsung bastards

  22. man where you get all that money for those phones 🤗😲🤑

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