Smartphone battery test: iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel vs Samsung S7 vs HTC 10 vs Sony Xperia XZ vs LG G5

Battery is one of the most important smartphone features. We’ve put some of the best flagship phones money can buy right now to the test. We pitted the iPhone 7, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC 10, and Sony Xperia XZ against each other.

Our camera and speed tests are are still to come but now it’s time for our phones to take on the battery challenge.

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  1. s5 owner 3rd year playin youtube video over 5h30mins max brightnes but usually screen on time is 3h…. which is way better than iphone lool

  2. I just sold my s7 because the battery life was terrible

  3. Thats odd… I have an Lg G5 and the battery life is complete Sh*t.

  4. i think lg g5 has the best battery life considering small 2800 mah battery

  5. yea im surprised! just got an s7 and it seems to drain battery much faster than my iphome 7 did especially when idol

  6. Hi – thx for the video. How do you make such a test? Do you run a video , is it a app?

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  8. This is WRONG because OnePlus 3T not included

  9. If you aren't one to use your phone a lot, the iPhone is the best option. There is no better battery on a smartphone in a standby mode.

  10. my Lenovo p2 is best'

  11. I am kinda surprised at LG. However, HTC always amazes me. 3k mAh and still giving phones runs for their money

  12. which S7 was on the video the snap 820 or it was the exynos?

  13. Simple Device Advice sent me here

  14. I thought the Iphone was going to last a little more with that A10 fusion chip people are presumming about. Oh well, I'll buy the pixel then (:

  15. what was the brightness set to

  16. I have been debating for a while to whether get a G5 or a S7. S7 is about ~$150 more expensive than a G5.
    -S7 has a better camera overall, G5's Camera excels on some parts, to me it's debatable, and really comes down to what you want.
    – Battery life, ok, the S7 has smashed it here, but the G5 isn't much far off. Plus The battery is removable on the G5, carry 2 batteries when you are going out and you'll basically have double the battery life.
    – Both have External memory.
    – Processors: Give and take on both, pretty much similar.
    What I think is, the galaxy s7 is about $150 more expensive than the G5, because better camera, the aperature, waterproof, and because of the Samsung galaxy brand( I mean people get it just because samsung right) . I did a lot of research and asking around. The S7 edge is a freaking beast I agree, but is it really necessary? It is literally a more fancy version of the normal s7.
    I don't game on my phone, so we can scratch that.

    My conclusion: There are a lot of people who just gets the samsung s_ because it's the samsung brand, and doesn't look at specs. The G5 may not be up to par as compared to the Galaxy S7, it's still a powerful phone non the less. Do I want a wide angle lens, or a better aperature for dark places? For the fact the battery is removable, I can carry an extra battery when I'm outside so lifetime is basically doubled. I can live without the waterproof feature, as I never really bring my phone into the washroom. But I really like the aperture feature on the S7, not going to lie. I have decided to go with a LG G5, as it would feel you get more bang for your buck. Plus the modular thing seems pretty interesting.

    Pixel I scratched right away because no external storage, and relies too much on cloud storage(which means YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION). HOWEVER, it is a pure stock android so there are no junk apps, that's a pretty good plus. Plus it's pretty pricey.

  17. if the s7 which has 3000mah could win the test what would s7 edge with 3600mah do, lol

  18. stupid test with the phone they using to test. where is 7 plus and s7 edge. idiots!

  19. the xl would have won

  20. one plus 3 T battery test plz

  21. this video may be a huge fake. We can't see the % of the phone in the video, so with this system I cant belive the results, I need a better review, showing a few times the phone % in the screen like do another channels.

  22. i feel great that i have samsung galaxy s7😍😍😍 but i never take it to school!!

  23. What do you know, the phone that takes the longest to charge, dies the fastest. That's some shitty battery work Apple.

  24. you should have included the Oneplus 3T

  25. I leave my Galaxy S7 Edge on normal mode (no power saving) with auto brightness and disable the always-on display, wi-fi calling, and bluetooth/wi-fi searching while asleep. These are the only optimizations I do, and I run NOVA launcher with 230 apps downloaded. I also have my phone connected to an LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition smartwatch. My usage then is really the best indicator of how long my phone lasts on one full charge. It doesn't matter whether I'm gaming, browsing, listening to music, watching videos, etc., etc., I find that my phone lasts anywhere from 28-34 hours with 3 hours or less of total screen-on time, it lasts 22-24 hours with 4 hours or less of total screen-on time, and about 12-16 hours with 6 hours or less of screen-on time. I've never just left the screen on and seen how long it lasts.

    I was worried for a little bit, because before the aforementioned optimizations I was thinking about selling my smartwatch (once you start using one as a daily phone companion, not having one for even a day really sucks!) due to my battery life lasting roughly 10-12 hours when my watch was connected, and 12-14 hours when not connected. However, I started playing with things that I thought were ridiculous to be on in the first place, and was very happy with the outcome! So, if any Galaxy S7 Edge users out there are having battery life problems, try what I did and then restart your phone and see if it helps!

  26. HTC 10 is the best phone

  27. what I do on my S7 is leave power saver mode on when I'm out and about and my phone lasts all day without a problem.

  28. Where is OnePlus 3T in all of your testing, speed and battery?

  29. please include mate 9 and both s7 and s7 edge in the new test ….

  30. please do an XL comparison

    pixel XL
    vs iPhone 7+
    vs s7 edge
    vs mate 9 /p9 plus

    youre amazing !

    battery and Performance test please

  31. If you don't play games htc 10 was leading this video

  32. You have to tell if it is s7 exynos or snapdragon since exynos has like 50% more battery life than the snapdragon……
    So what SoC inside the S7 of this test ?

  33. you guys missed the s7 edge! it's battery life is the best!

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