Speck Products ShieldView Glass, Shatter-Resistant Screen Protector for iPhone 7 or iPhone 6/6S, Clear

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Designed for impact. Speck’s ShieldView glass tempered glass screen Protector is designed to prevent your iPhone’s screen from shattering. Shieldview glass screen protectors provide superior scratch resistance and even have a dirt-resistant finish to repel smudges and marks. The Ultra thin, customized design doesn’t add any noticeable thickness to your iPhone. Low-reflection design reduces glare. Shieldview glass protects Without affecting the touch sensitivity of the screen – you won’t even Notice it’s there.Superior scratch resistance. Premium high-temperature treated glass resists scratches.
Shatter resistant. Durable glass resists shattering when dropped or bumped.
Smudge repelling. Fingerprint and dirt-resistant finish prevents marks and smudges.
Ultra thin design. ShieldView Glass is only 0.33mm thick and fits your iPhone 7 screen precisely (backwards compatible with iPhone 6/6S).

Discounted Price – $34.95 - $25.99

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