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  1. yo no hablar ingles jajaja

  2. yes your j7 has a problem other j7 channel videos is super fast

  3. iphone is way better than j7…..dont even compare with iphone !!! lol

  4. Não entendi nd mais ta valendo

  5. do test between j7 and apple iphone7

  6. just stop Mann 😂 the iPhone was way better and you know it…its facts, and I saw the way you were defending the Android " it's was a little far behind' no its a lot behind…. #iphones are better

  7. my j7 its more faster than that one in this video , it may cUse of model or somthing ! and my j7 its exynos prosesor very fast man , u can emajen how fast !😊

  8. iphone 6 on wifi and galaxy j7 on mobile data

  9. thae j7 has way more apps downloaded than the iphone 6

  10. J7 is on mobile data iphone is on wifi.

  11. your J7 is too slow I have 2015 its even faster than yours

  12. man may be your j7 has some problm… its too slow man.. mine's not like that..

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