Xiaomi Mi Note 2 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Comparison!

New Xiaomi Mi Note 2 compared with Apple iPhone 7 Plus , which is fastest?
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Readers Comments (45)

  1. And whats about the price? lol

  2. Fake, should try to compare postrecording. Several times it was Xiaomi bit faster than iphone and didnt notice it

  3. mi note2 price & iPhone 7 price😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  4. can u compare speed between mi note 6 Vs iPhone 7plus

  5. i hate hp xiaomi note 2 cause low battery

  6. Im an iphone user but i think you are blind in your onwn test because clearely the mi note is much faster when you are trying the browsers too bad

  7. Too biased. I can see it

  8. iphone 7 plus is so much overpriced

  9. The comparisons serves no purpose at all when price/performance is probably the most important. The obvious winner in price/performance is Xiaomi Note 2. iPhone 7 should compare itself to those phone that's in the same price range. BTW, you really highlight how a cheap phone can outdo an expensive phone……

  10. i love xiaomi company, they make so good phones .

  11. One sped test comparison with iPhone not having the beta version…… plz reply

  12. with xiaomi phones you should use the default browser when comparing to apple's default browser that is safari.

  13. do xiaomi mix , mix is better than note 2

  14. Activated Performance mode on Mi Note 2 first..

  15. It's 4gb ram variant or 6gb ram variant, if it is 4gb ram variant then do the speed test of 6gb ram variant because it's much faster than standard variant. Do the speed test of mi note 2 6gb variant with iPhone 7 plus and Samsung galaxy s7edge.

  16. mi note 2 vs op3t? πŸ˜€

  17. why are you pressing again again of the mi note 2,this device has capacitive button also,you just have to touch the home button,not to press…

  18. Xiaomi is one of the beautiful phones..

  19. how can I buy one of the mi note 2 please?

  20. Xiaomi definitely copied Apple's keyboard.

  21. How did you crack the camera lens on the iPhone 7 Plus?

  22. dude,you cant even count right.In many pages you opened you just see when the picture apears on screen,not when the page loads full.And in all pages Xiaomi Mi Note 2 was faster.Also you have account linked on iphone and when you open a game you dont need to do nothing,on xiaomi it stuck because it try to found account.

  23. haha apple phones can cost ur whole salary πŸ˜€ xiaomi is best :*

  24. the iphone reloaded as well on twitch… it loads a preview picture first, watch closely you can see the refresh

  25. huawei mate 9 copies samsung and Xiaomi copies Huawei

  26. Try out the new bully game on the Galaxy S7 and other phones

  27. More speed test vs. The OnePlus 3T

  28. those tests are kinda useless.. are you going to buy an iPhone7 because some apps went half a second faster?

  29. plss iphone 7 plus vs oneplus 3t

  30. Redmi is best bcz the cost of I phone 60000 then phn performance is some better than Redmi if Redmi is 60000 can I expect the performance u can't that is Redmi power

  31. Iphone 7 Plus Winner :)!

  32. I love watching iPhone beat the shit out of other phones.

  33. But iPhone7 Plus falls behind the latest One plus 3T and Huawei Mate 9!!!

  34. iphone 7 plus version 32Gb or 128Gb?

  35. I'm on the 444 views, 44 likes, 4 dislikes 😎

  36. i watch every video of yours, but this time you were very biased towards iphone

  37. Xiaomi fucked up their new ui. πŸ™

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