Xiaomi Mi5s Plus 6GB RAM vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed/Multitasking/Heat Test!

Speed test between the Xiaomi Mi5s Plus 6GB of RAM variant vs the iPhone 7 Plus, lets find out which device is the fastest when it comes to performance.

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  2. at 1:57. to 2:03 the videow pointed the middle finger anybody new??

  3. i don't know. what i feel is your left hand clicked it faster.
    check it by slow motion your finger while touching.
    you just slowmo the app after being touched.
    don't get me wrong, i wanna buy mi5s plus no matter what. lol

  4. what the apple fanboy for this video ??? 😊😊 i user xiaomi mi5s plus

  5. ezzzzzz Xiaomi mi5s plus much better

  6. cant believe CHINAMAN is eating away APPLE…… UNBELEIVABLE

  7. iPhone 7 is just the worst. This model has added NOTHING but unnecessary things. Replace a button with a 3D force touch button that has a delay of 1/10 seconds. For what? Do the same things iPhone 6s do faster. iPhone 7 has not innovated and I think that, as apple doesn't take their phones seriously, they can start to forget about being the prestigious company they say they are.

  8. iphone death its only for wc xiaomi and huawei better

  9. Pretty impressive. Can someone tell me a 4.7-5'' phone that can be faster than the iP 7?

  10. iPhone is a total fail. I have tested it near my MiMax 4/128 and it is slowest everyware except the benchmarks … so funny… waste of time and MONEY…

  11. thumbs Up, like the vídeo and also already subscribed… justo because your vídeos are my favourite Budy!!

  12. iphone is over priced, and that's the bottom line…

  13. Xiaomi the best! I had an iPhone but niw i understand that the iphone is shit

  14. mi 5s+ is 467 $ i7+ is 1155 $.

  15. 141 dislikes is iPhone 7+ users.

  16. Очередное доказательство, что IPhone – гавно!

  17. As far as I know this is the best price. It's for 426.99 USD with coupon code: XXMP5S
    I hope it will be useful!

  18. iPhone 7 Plus ain't got jack on Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus!

  19. thats how your rock it man!!!!!!! i need that xiaomi .beat that 7+ ass very hard.

  20. Now, use this 2 smartphones intensive during 2 months and do this again …
    And other test if you like to do is using the Xiaomi Mix and the iPhone 7 Plus 128. G or the 256G to see the difference…

  21. hahahahah! xiaomi 400 dollars WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IPHONE 1000 DOLLARS!!!

  22. how about testing them price's 😂 xiaomi beat it again.

  23. +Ron Hockett you have to install the xiaomi.eu rom

  24. seen alot crapping about 6gb ram and 3gb ram ! well the thing is if the iphone has 6gb ram and 128gb storage , faster new chip than the price will also increase ! by the time it will be twice the amount you pay now ! and xiaomi will make a phone half the price of and apple with a better performance ! its all about branding

  25. nice test! keep it up bro !

  26. Is this speed test applied to Xiaomi mi mix 6g vs IPhone 7 plus?

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