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MOTO G5 PLUS vs iphone 7 plus s7 edge HTC U ULTRA VS IPHONE 7 PLUS CAMERA htc 10 evo TEST HTC U ULTRA VS MATE 9 pro camera drop review รีวิวทดลองกล้อง ทดลองความเร็ว โทรศัพท์มือถือ รุ่นใหม่ 2017 huawei mate 9 pro review camera compare huawei mate 9 pro camera vs galaxy s7 edge camera…

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  1. here is mi6 is win clearly

  2. Saturated colors looks better always

  3. I know it's not out yet, but could you please do Oneplus 5. thanks

  4. Is saturation a problem ?? Generally people use filters when they take the photos, whoever is MI6 user can do the reverse tb, take more saturation pos fotos …

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  6. the mi6 has focus problem and and the video is saturated too much and the 4 Axis OIS is not doing good .the 1+3 has fast focust better OIS and realistic color.

    oneplus 3 win . mi6 is crap

  7. OnePlus 3T colors are more quiet
    Мi6 too poisonous juicy bright

  8. OnePlus 3t video is more stable than MI6.

  9. mi6 is over saturated,, OnePlus 3t have more natural looks

  10. one plus 3T is having fast focus and more natural colors as compare to Mi6

  11. Hi and thanks for review!
    Obviously, 1+3 has realistic colors when Mi6 is oversaturated. Moreover, Mi6 is experiencing problem with focusing speed. I hope Xiaomi will fix it soon.

  12. in games and multitasking and other stuff is 3t can compete in Xiaomi mi6 ???

  13. Are you serious 12 fucking adds in one video? No respect.

  14. 3T is definitely the winner…..better focus, more details and natural colours…..

  15. I feel the video would be more legit to decide which is better if you had shown the phone to us and started recording. It's just my opinion. 😁

  16. forget the mi and 3t garden and sound track is mindblowing man. mi is killer man though have focus problem.

  17. Can u make a video in front facing camera in both outdoors and low light?

  18. speed test on Galaxy S8 and Mi 6

  19. xiaomi mi6 best colour…

  20. thanks 4 review great job u r frist

  21. One plus 3t is more stable than mi6

  22. OnePlus has more realistic color and detail. the colors are more saturated and cartoony on Mi6 but some people like that. it's preference like anything else.

  23. Tech leaks please check the focus mode in video settings in camera app that what have been set TAP(Tap to focus) or CAF(continues auto focus),because in Xiaomi phones, In video settings TAP is set by default. I'm sure that the same case had happened with you. Are Xiaomi users are agree with me?

  24. Xiaomi always needs some times to stable their ROM & camera improvement after their phone release. So who are claiming that this is over saturated camera, you should wait 2 – 3 months. I'm a mi5 user & yeah. it's better now than before.

  25. mi6 fake colors …… advance user never buy xiaomi phones coz xiaomi dont enable camara2 API means we cant use 3rd party camera apps to use manual controls and shoot in RAW.

  26. Mi 6 ois is not that good even though they call it 4 axis ois

  27. MI: colors oversaturated, fucus is slow, white balance and exposure suck. Will they ever produce a descent camera phone

  28. mi6 is over saturated as hell

  29. Hopefully Mi6 will be updated for fix auto focus.
    Please Xiaomi mi 6 vs Xiaomi mi 5s plus

  30. the colors are more punchy on the mi6 but the focus speeds are slow

  31. MI6 color is too fake its too sharp or over saturated OPT3 looks more natural and normal

  32. one plus 3t may have a faster focus but the colors and quality is better in mi6

  33. Autofoco disabled?? or Bug?

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