ZAGG Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 7 – Clear

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Sapphire Defense Hybrid Glass is The World’s Most Advanced Screen Protection for Apple iPhone 7. Using the latest technological breakthroughs and materials, Sapphire Defense is a groundbreaking hybrid glass screen protector that provides the world’s most advanced shatter, scratch, and smudge protection.7X Shatter, Impact, and Drop Protection: Advanced technology absorbs and distributes impact for 7X more drop and impact protection than an unprotected screen
Scratch Protection: A proprietary process infuses sapphire crystals, one of the hardest minerals in the world, into the screen protector for unmatched scratch protection with a super smooth finish
Aerospace Grade Self-Healing: Smart molecules remember their shape to automatically remove surface scratches
Smudge Resistant Built-in, oil-resistant design helps reduce fingerprints and smudges to keep your screen pristine
Ultra Clear: Meticulously tested materials were selected to deliver 100% clarity, better image depth, and remarkable touch sensitivity

Discounted Price – $49.99 - $73.10

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